Saturday, December 27, 2008

I would like to "speak easy"

A speakeasy refers to a patron's manner of ordering alcohol without raising suspicion — a bartender would tell a patron to be quiet and "speak easy". I am always on the lookout for unique places to visit in other cities. Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco has been added to my list of must stops. Besides passing a few hours in this establishment I would not mind taking their classes on Cocktails 101, Rum, and Absinthe at their Beverage Academy.

(Photo of Russell's Room from Chow's coverage of the Tenderloin district)

Written up here.

Might have to hit Dottie's True Blue Cafe too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I want some muscle

The 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8

I know this is not environmentally correct nor do I have any need to have a muscle car in my life, but I love the look of the Challenger SRT8. I spotted a creme one on the road the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to drive like Bullitt for a day!

Everybody has a story

More info here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The work of real MAD Men

Mad Men: Smoke gets in your eyes

The New York Public library (NYPL) is currently hosting a retrospective of cigarette advertisements from the 1920's -1950's called Not a Cough in a Car Load: Images Used by Tobacco Companies to Hide the Hazards of Smoking. The purpose of the exhibit is to "tell—principally through advertising images—the story of how, between the late 1920s and the early 1950s, tobacco companies used deceptive and often patently false claims in an effort to reassure the public of the safety of their products."

If you can't visit the exhibit in person check out the catalog of images online.

Makes me want to watch Thank you for smoking again

Via ResourceShelf

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Inn at Serenbe front gate

A few weeks back I had some time to waste while a waited for the dealership to fix a known defect on my vehicle for a ridiculous amount of money. I am still bitter! So with time to waste (and some hostility toward an era in which warranties or quality no longer exist) I resorted to reading the "magazines" in the waiting room that were really just advertising and marketing supplements for local businesses. I was trapped so I flipped through the glossy when I came across a three page story (I mean advert) for the restaurant the hil on the Hill 30 minutes south of metro Atlanta with much of the ingredients coming from the community farm.

I had never heard of this restaurant or the 900 acre community called Serenbe nestled within a rather large green space called the Chattahoochee Hill Country which is owned by individuals working to promote a sustainable development within a vast preserve. The Serenbe community boasts about their homes built on the land without mass grading, a biological wastewater treatment system, vast green space, organic farm and restaurants supplied by the locally grown produce. I am intrigued to check out this community for myself.

Hopefully this place will live up to all the things it boasts and does not have a manufactured feeling. I signed up for their restaurants weekly menu updates and the offerings sound very tasty. I look forward to learning more.

The Farmhouse at Serenbe

Restaurants at Serenbe

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Health

The video was developed by BrightHouse, inc.

Learn more about the Healthiest Nation initiative

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Personal Style

Photo from New York Times

Iris Apfel was recently named on to Vanity Fair's 2008 International Best-Dressed list. A woman that knows what she likes in her choice of accessories, colors, clothing, mix of fabrics and the cut of her modern coif. Apfel has a bold style that is all her own. In 2005, the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute had a retrospective on her style entitled Rara Avis: Selections from the Iris Barrel Apfel Collection.

A true original--I love a woman with a style all her own.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loved her look

Photos from the Associated Press (taken on October 6, 1996)

Summer's in the south are pretty unbearable. When you actually make it to August you just start to wondering how many more days until October and the fall? I have hit my wall and I am ready to wear fall clothing and to start seeing the leaves changing.

I love a fall wardrobe since the crisp air allows dressing without having to take into account the terrible heat and sweating. It makes me think of the wonderfully simple and classic clothing that Caroline Bessette-Kennedy was always photographed wearing when she entered the national stage as the wife of John F. Kennedy, Jr. I am sure she learned a thing or two about classic minimalism as a publicist at Calvin Klein. Some of her ensembles also seemed to take some notes from her departed mother-in-law Jacqueline Kennedy. She was striking with that Bergdorf blonde hair and fire red lipstick. It would have been nice to see her today and see how the look would have grown, but she is no longer here and we find other stylish women to watch. I still loved watching the style and fashion of Caroline and still covet these simple fashion choices.

The Hills Cinematography

Songs about buildings and food painstakingly spliced together this montage of exterior shots that have become a staple of The Hills.

Say what you will about The Hills such as it is fake, contrived or just a waste of time. Taking all the derogative comments into account (which are true) I still enjoy checking out the sleek photography of Hisham Abed. He made the reality show look and feel more like a movie first with Laguna Beach and then with the Hills. In a New York Times article in May 2006 Abed explained that he used a color tone of red and orange to signify the romance within Laguna Beach, but changed to blue and silver to express the tension on the Hills. The scenes are set through the photography and editing without ever having to use a confessional interview to tell the story. In a nutshell the show is just a pretty postcard albeit lacking any reality. The fourth season starts Monday August 18th.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodbye Summer & Hello Fall

Jeff Lewis Commonwealth home via realestatestalker

I am going to miss Jeff Lewis and his crew as well as the weekly wrap-ups from Scented Glossy Magazine. No one does it better than Ms. SGM. I would sign up for her Kanye 411 course in a heartbeat. Seriously if you have not read her rundown on Flipping Out or Housewives of New York you are completely missing out. Reading SGM is like listening to a best girlfriend talk about your favorite shows with lots of unadulterated glee!! I only hope that SGM will also be watching Rachel Zoe Project this fall and the sure to be amazing The Cho Show.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Indeed!!

I like coming home from work to a pile of boxes with gifts for me!

I can't believe this was in there!!!

This birthday bounty ROCKS!
I have many a thank you to make...

Eva Zeisel on 1st Dibs

This photo is from a 2006 retrospective of Eva Zeisel's work at the Pratt Manhattan gallery entitled Eva Zeisel at 100: A Lifetime of Masterwork in Design.

Checkout a great online glossy article on Eva at 1st Dibs in the Creators section. 1st Dibs spotlights a great wealth of artist, designers and talent. It is all worth a long look.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mad Men

Looking forward to watching Mad Men. Last season I often forgot to turn on AMC, but this season I am going to try to never miss an episode. Loved this quote from Michael Kors on the program:

"Mad Men" is undeniably stylish—those super graphic titles, the Bernard Herrmann-esque score, the lighting…and then, obviously, I mean, the clothes. The show is like your terribly chic friend who was valedictorian. It gets you on every level."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I have been loving the looks Maggie Gyllenhaal has been sporting for the Dark Knight. I feel like she is definitely channeling Katherine Hepburn whether by accident or on purpose. She just looks so smart and sophisticated. I am so happy to see a leading lady that shows off more than a pretty party dress. Her clothes give her power and I hope more actresses follow suit.

Warner Brothers still from the Dark Knight

Dries Van Noten dress at the Dark Knight New York Premiere

I love this whole look from her appearance on the daily show from the necklace wrapped around her wrist to the dress, shoes, belt and her perfect bob. She makes me want it all!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flash of Genius

Dr. Robert Kearns was the inventor of the first intermittent wiper with an electric motor, but spent his lifetime fighting to get his invention back. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for this man every time he saw a car on a rainy day. According to the Washington Post "In his final years, he drove around in two aging vehicles: a 1978 Ford pickup and a 1965 Chrysler. Neither had intermittent wipers." Looking forward to seeing this film in October.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Custom Handbag

I recently came across the website called Freddy & Ma where you can create a custom handbag. The site allows you choose the style of the bag, fabric (~375 fabrics), leather accent color, and the hardware. Have fun playing purse designer. The prices are a bit high, but you are getting a somewhat custom bag that you had a hand in designing.

My favorite bags are the ones for evening (Hazel, Tessa Envelope, and Jiovanna). I only wish they offered a hobo style bag in there everyday options. I would also like to see the interior of these bags to see what pockets and fabric options are available. The site does have customer service assistance for building the perfect bag so I am sure these questions could be easily answered.

If you want a deal on a bag there are some bags available in the sale section of the site. It is a neat idea and I plan to keep my eye on this site as options expand. Freddy & Ma also offers customized home accessories such as pillows and plates.

More Information:
An interview with the Brother and Sister team behind Freddy & Ma
Also check out Freddy & Ma's blog to see all the places where they have been spotlighted. I wonder how I missed this until now?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you own Your Stuff?

Via Kung Fu Rodeo

This past weekend, I went to see Pixar's Wall-E and it was the first time in a very long time that I didn't feel like I wasted $10 on admission. This film is just so wonderful from visuals to storyline to message. I was prompted to give the film a chance when I saw the promotional postcards incorporating the propaganda images created during World War II and designs that came out of 1960's geometric futurism.

Grain Edit posted some more information on the artist, Eric Tan, and his terrific images to promote the film. I especially love The Future is Now! poster.

In the film people are forced off earth on a permanent vacation because the mounds of garbage they bought from Buy O Large and discarded has taken over the earth. In this theme of waste is this story about Mr. Jalopy the leader of the Maker's Movement. The mantra is to reuse and repair rather than discarding and buying more. A very interesting idea in the week Apple sold 1 million of another generation of their electronic empire and as I contemplate upgrading my IPod. Check out Mr Jalopy's biggest IPod ever and his blog to learn more about ways to stop being apart of the throw-away culture and take part in making things.

More information on Maker Movement:
Make Magazine
Maker Faire

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When I heard the single "mercy" last year I found it to be a bit overproduced and didn't give it much of a second thought. Until I heard some interviews with Duffy last week on a couple of NPR shows. I was really taken by her smart personality. She was engaging and easily spoke off the cuff with the interviewer. I actually enjoyed her in studio "Mercy" performance on WFUV stripped down with a soul clap. I do wish the single sounded more like this and they kept the original video with the Northern Soul dancing (UK version). Duffy developed the songs with different collaborators including Bernard Butler, Jimmy Hogarth, and Steve Booker. I think Warwick Avenue is my favorite off the album.

I liked some of Duffy's mentions during the interview including UnChained Melody (Righteous Brothers produced by Phil Spector); Scott Walker, Classics and collectibles; Joy Division; and the Detroit Cobras (the band she would love to tour with cause "they're crazy"). She even knew the recipe to her favorite dish, Moules Mariniere, which I have to agree is one of my favorites too with red or white sauce.

The WFUV interviewer allowed Duffy to play DJ and pick the song to go out on and she picked Clarence Carter's Slip Away unfortunately they didn't play the full song just of a couple verses. I have to say I was impressed with both of her interviews and will have to give her a second listen.

**Oh and if the Detroit Cobras come to your town go see them.

Interviews with Duffy:
Duffy makes the classic sound special again on WFUV with Rita Houston
Duffy on the World Cafe with David Dye

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Marais AC Chair

Xavier Pauchard's Marais AC Chair is both handsome and comfortable. I had the pleasure of sitting in this chair at a local restaurant a month ago. I always assumed that the chair could not possibly be comfortable, but it was so nice and I don't recall ever feeling my ass go numb (a definite PLUS!). I would love to have a group of these chairs on my patio, but the price per chair is nothing to cough at in this economy so I don't expect to get one or more anytime soon. Unless a vintage one shows up at the local antique market for a steal.

As for the meal I had it was amazing! Hands down the best meal I have consumed in a long time. The chef, mixologist, and staff have an amazing love and knowledge for food, spirits, wine, conversation (our waiter had great advice and stories), and obviously design. You may want to know the name of this wonderful place, but I have been asked not to repeat the name of the restaurant by my dinner partner. It is greedy, but the place is just too good and we don't want to be denied another terrific meal so we are doing our part to keep this wonderful place on the down low.

See the problem is that new restaurant's in Atlanta tend to become unbearable when a buzz gets going and the word "hip" gets attached. Of course those people searching for hip will probably continue to try to get into the latest hotel bar and restaurant that seems to be the trend in this town. Which is fine by me as long as we can enjoy another lovely meal without the "hip" quotient.

**For more information on the Marais AC and other Tolix Furniture DESIGNwatcher has a great profile.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel is a remarkable woman, designer, and ceramist that created the very first all white china set in the United States that was more about shapes and curves than decoration. Her work is well known for the curving forms. I found this short video from Todd Oldham with a quick look at her work.

Her personal story of how she ended up in the United States is something out of a novel. Go listen to her interview with NPR back in 2005. She sounds so sweet and humble when she states after sipping a drink from her own teacup "the handle could be bigger."

Raising the Curve: Designer Eva Zeisel

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eye Eclectic Simplified

A visual representation of Eye Eclectic via Wordle. I could play with these beautiful word clouds all day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Watson Twins

I loved the melodies of the Watson Twins when they were backing up Jenny Lewis on "Rabbit Fur Coat." An album full of sarcastically biting lyrics on songs like Rise Up with Fists and Run, Devil, Run backed up by these beautiful melodies and lovely voices.

I am very excited the Watson Twins are back with another album entitled Fire Songs. I especially love How am I to be which could be a dead ringer for a new single from Dusty Springfield. It definitely sounds like an album I will enjoy listening to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels

If you like soul music and you have never heard of the Numero Group then you need to get yourself acquainted. I am not talking about the soul music you have heard on the radio. I am talking about the soul music issued on small mom and pop labels with very small pressings. The records that make collectors and DJ's just itch to find. The Numero Group works to uncover these forgotten recordings. Their collection is vast and growing. The latest compilation is from Atlanta's backyard from the labels owned by Jesse Jones on the Tragar and Note Lables

"Lost for thirty years among the kudzu and Coke bottles of central Georgia, the Tragar & Note labels are the latest Numero Group unearthings to join our landmark Eccentric Soul series. Spread out over two discs, Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels is a ridiculously thorough survey of Jesse Jones' twin labels that operated out of Atlanta between 1968-1977. Ranging from southern to northern soul, classic R&B to modern, dancers to romancers, the 50 track collection chronicles nearly every sub-genre of popular black music being made at the time.

Researched with leading Georgia soul expert Brian Poust, the accompanying 32 page booklet features a dozen unpublished photos, memorabilia, label scans, and a 7000 word essay that gives a rich overview of not just these two labels, but the Atlanta soul scene as a whole."

If you are interested in learning more about the Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note labels listen to this interview on Just Off The Radar.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Design Spotlight: Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman made of interlocking molded-plywood with a Brazilian rosewood veneer frame and black leather was released in 1956. The inspiration for the chair was the comfortable feel of a well worn catcher's mitt. The final product grew out of Charles and Ray Eames pursuit to produce designs that both worked and looked good. The most recognizable and iconic chair that often decorates movies, television shows and commercials has been produced by Herman Miller for over 50 years.

Charles became interested in working with molding plywood after he and Eero Saarinen won "Organic Design in Home Furnishings" in 1940 from the museum of Modern Art for their chairs and tables. In 1942, Charles and Ray Eames developed molded-plywood leg splints for the U.S. Navy's wounded serviceman. The Eames product development on such a huge scale (~150,000 splints) for the Navy undoubtedly strengthened their abilities and spearheaded them to incorporate the resource into their lounge chair.

Of course, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman was not released until 1956 which was a full 16 years down the road from when Charles won his first award for working with molded plywood. Over those years Charles and Ray experimented with their personally designed machine they called the Kazam! for molding the plywood. Through their experimentation the team finalized on a chair made of three pieces of molded plywood. Various products came out of the molding plywood including chairs with wood or metal legs, table, and screen.

Today the Eames lounger and ottoman is available in various leather colors including black, ivory, tan, or chocolate on cherry, walnut, or a palisander frame. Depending on the materials chosen the chair is price is between $3,599.00 - $4,499.00 according to the licensed dealer Design Within Reach.

A few books about the work of Charles and Ray Eames:
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Design Spotlight

I started writing here in order to document the things that inspire me. I have decided to begin a design spotlight in order to develop my own knowledge of the designers and their work. I thought I would do this on a weekly basis, but who am I kidding? I just don't have that kind of time! So I am writing this with the aim to promise myself to write a monthly design spotlight and see how this pans out.

My very first design spotlight is on the Eames Lounger. Charles and Ray Eames were a fascinating couple and recently have been honored with their own stamp series lauding their work. I am completely enamored of the synergy that came out of their collaboration.

The spotlight includes a short bibliography to further delve into the man and woman behind the work because there are plenty of amazing writers that can explain the whole story in great detail. I hope this will push me to learn more about them and other great designers.

Friday, June 13, 2008


The wishbone necklace by Jennifer Meyer peaked a friends interest. She quickly lost her interest when she saw the whopping price tag of $700! It is nice, but not that nice!! I mean sure any Hollywood starlit can drop that amount of cash on something that dangles around the neck, but we live in the real world with real budgets.

So what is any fashionable and budget conscious girl to do? Search Etsy! There are some great and unique wishbone charm necklaces available on Etsy. I think the one in the photo with blackened sterling silver is my favorite wishbone by ecdesignstudio. I have to say though searching and roaming on Etsy is addictive. I never know what great crafter, designer, collector, or artist I am going to stumble across next.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yasha Butler Ceramics

I picked up these lovely earrings at the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) outdoor market last Saturday. Yes, this past weekend a ton of great designers braved record breaking heat to show off their wonderful creations. It was just plain scorching, but well worth the trip.

These beautiful porcelain earrings are by designer Yasha Butler. She had bowls, dishes, necklaces, and earrings. I love the simplicity within her work and the use of a ceramic to make her amorphic jewelry.

If these earrings spark your interest please check out her etsy shop. Yasha only has a handful of pieces up now, but I hope she will continue to add her wonderful creations to the shop. I am looking forward to wearing these earrings often.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Caught My Eye

Felt Pebbles-- I am happy to know I am not the only one feeling this way. (via Reclaiming Miss Havisham)

Slate's coverage on procrastination. I need to find some time to read this.

Wired's tribute to the air hostess.

Habitually Chic loving on Kansas City. It was my home once for a short time and I can relate to loving this city.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where did the posts go?

I got hooked on a blog and now it seems to have ceased or at least taken a vacation.

See back in January Decorno asked: What if the Satorialist only photographed himself?...And was a girl...this is what it would be like: Style Bytes.

I was hooked on this site from that moment. Style Bytes according to the bio is a 25 year old woman living in Oslo, Norway named Agathe. The daily photos of her outfits with a mix of H&M, thrift stores and designer jeans were what I think Lucky magazine tried to achieve with their cute outfit of the day. Although Agathe's outfits should never be described as cute. Her style choices seem influenced by a mix of the runway, magazine editorials, blogs and her own unique vision.

Agathe also seemed down to earth because the outfits were crafted on a budget. She did not hit all the big boutiques. She works as a secretary with style on an allowance and I could relate. Some days she hit the thrift stores on the way home from work and on Saturdays she had the weekly ritual of hitting the flea markets. She always shared all her great finds and usually spent her last dollar on the spoils. There were some style options that I don't think I would have accepted if I had not seen it on her such as fringe shirts, gladiator strap sandals with stockings, butterfly belt, patchwork skirt, and fringe boots. She just made it all work. Man do I want my own fringe boots now!!

She's just cool and knows how to showcase her style. It had become my daily thing to see how she mixed and matched her outfit. She made me want to step up my game and it was just fun to see someone else enjoying their own personal style and on a mere mortals salary.

So now the sad part. She seems to have stopped blogging. On April 24th, Agathe took off on a weekend trip for Stockholm and has not posted since. I keep hoping she will resume blogging. I had not realized how much I enjoyed these style updates until they were gone. It looks like I am not the only one that got hooked on her posts. DAMN I miss the style!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why didn't I think of that?

I have an obsession. It is weird, but I am drawn to this simple design. The one above is available at Miss Print and the one below is Ray and Charles Eames studio. I just love the way it looks. I can't explain it.

At one time I thought it might be interesting to paint this image on our dining room wall. I talked myself out of that idea. I thought my adult dining room could end up looking more like a dorm room or worse folk art (no offense). Kinda like when you see a celebrity dressed really badly on the red carpet, but then you think about being in their shoes for a moment and (for a split second) can see how they had that unfortunate moment with the stylist who said and made them actually believe "you look wonderful. You will turn heads" and they believed it. I then feel sorry for the celebrity cause you can tell that it only dawns on them on the red carpet how ridiculous they look and they have to grin and bare it!

I can Soooo relate not that I have ever been shopping with a stylist, but I have been sucked in by good music, air conditioning and elongating mirrors in a fitting room that I buy that ridiculous item at the store that is not quite the same when I put it back on in my stale bedroom without any music the next day--but I digress.

So as much as I LOVE this design I still have done nothing with it cause I don't want to be so literal.

~And a while back I came across this image and I was so mad (why didn't I think of this) cause in the early 90's (when everyone was doing it) my friends wanted to get tattoos together, but I just couldn't think of anything that meant that much to me or would stay with me long enough to brand on my body (did I mention I HATE needles--Last week while the nurse was drawing my blood I think she was afraid --for good reason-- she had a fainter on her hands). If I was going to get a tattoo I knew it would have to be some kind of a design (no ridiculous rosebuds), but I was so afraid I would really hate it down the road. Spending the rest of my life with a horrendous tattoo that would eventually fade and morph with age. A lovely thought.

Although now that I have been drawn to mid twentieth century design for so long it would not have been so bad if I had a 16 year old tattoo of this Eames design.

Oh well my catholic parents are probably happier I did not brand myself!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caught My Eye

I think I have vacations and summer entertaining on the brain...

Would love to visit Palm Springs during the annual modernism week and stay at the newly renovated modernist Rendezvous Motel. (via Retro to Go)

Want a set of of Marais AC chairs for my patio. I sat in one Friday night and have to say it was both handsome and comfortable. The chairs are available through a few shops including Conran Shop, Design Within Reach, and even Pottery Barn. Design Watcher has a great rundown on the Marais AC and other tolix chairs.

Also wanting this Weber Performer Grill with the propane tank and storage for charcoal.

Love homes comprised of finds from flea markets ( via A Cup of Jo and Cookie Magazine).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Caught My Eye

Circular sunglasses with tortoise shell frames from Christian Dior vintage (via Retro to Go)

Opening of Ninainvorm's Shop Announcement on Etsy as seen on SFgirlbybay. Love these dishes-- very Zeisel!

Also seen on SFgirlbybay was the Maker Faire. I wish I could have been there.

Heath Ceramics auction as seen on Design*Sponge. Next time I am out there I need to visit their Historic Sausalito factory for a tour.

Also seen on Design*Sponge this week was MissPrint. Love this design it is very similar to the Ray Eames design.

These amazing posters by Swiss graphic designer Donald Brun and this Sabena ad on Yummy Fresh Grain.

Excited to check out the new Portishead album with mentions on stereogum for their performance at Coachella and on NPR's All Things Considered discussion about the third album.

Profile on the first Female photographer for National Geographic, Annie Griffiths Belt on NPR's weekend edition talking about her new book: A Camera, Two Kids, and a Camel: My Journey in Photographs.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caught my eye

George Lois designed magazine covers Esquire magazine from 1962- 1972 profiled in the New York Times.

Color Story on Happy Mundane --loving the grey and yellow together.

A blog dedicated to factory record sleeves.

An evening with Angela Adams on Aphro Chic.

Rex Ray prints on Ebay via Shelterrific.

Yee Haw Industries and their posters for the Ponderosa Stomp via Poppytalk on Design* Sponge.

Photographer Gregory Crewdson

CBS Sunday morning profiled the photographic work of Gregory Crewdson. His photographs are shot in a series of highly staged scenes on par with a film shoot. According to Crewdson his career in photography started when he signed up for a photography class to be near a particular girl and became hooked on photography.

His work can be viewed through a number of published books and exhibits at galleries in New York, London, Los Angeles. Crewdson's musical experience, before becoming a photographer, as a member of the power pop band The Speedies is an interesting caveat to his career.

The Speedies "Let Me Take Your Photo" (1979)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caught My Eye

A long list of things that caught my eye this week

The Lab from Velocity Art and Design with Matte Stephens looked like a lot of fun. (Via Shelterrific, Brainiac on Art). I LOVE the 3D paper sculpture owl and bear monster. I would like to have one of my very own!

The amazing visual work of Pascal Blanchet spotlighted on Yummy Fresh Grain Feed.

Brooklyn Modern on Design Sponge and Bluelines.

Lou Dorfman's "gastrotypographicalassemblage" wall spotlighted on Oh Joy!

Love this house shown on Retro Renovation.

Cinema Treasures, the ultimate guide to classic movie theaters (via Librarian In Black). 345 theaters are listed for Georgia, but sadly many are closed or demolished. Atlanta does thankfully still have the Fox theater which was saved from demolition in 1975. Need to add this to my to do list when I visit other cities.

Terry Hall designed V-Neck sweater from Fred Perry (via Retro to Go).

Record Store Day (via NPR, NYTimes). A map of the record stores still available in NYC.

Subway Crush on the New York Subway.

Gnarls Barkley promoting their latest album (via NPR, SNL). The new album means getting to see their latest video creations --Run, Smiley Faces

A blog dedicated to food cartoons with faces. (Via Pop Candy)

Sweat Equity
story from the NYTimes on Decorno.

Interview with Scott Douglas about his book Quiet Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian. He also mentions the details of his library inspired wedding.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caught My Eye

Detroit Public Schools Book Depository captured on Sweet Juniper and on display in the upcoming issue of Harper's magazine. Go check out all the photos and the tale behind the photos. Another Personal Story about Detroit found on Bryant Park Project (BPP) on NPR. I would like to see this city put an end to the decay and work to regain the luster it once possessed.

This look spotted on the street by Fashionista. Love checking out the style of the everyday person as found on the satorialist, face hunter, and pike/pine to name a few. Individual style is so much more interesting than a Hollywood starlight put together by stylists and sponsors.

Before the Music Dies documentary

Ian Fleming and James Bond- For Your Eyes Only at the Imperial War museum in London mentioned on Retro to Go

Muxtape featured on NPR's Bryant Park Project (BPP). Who doesn't want to play DJ?

Barbarella remake is happening. Hmm not sure what to make of this. We will see.

Apartment Therapy's new book featuring many design loving people including sfgirlbythebay, Happy Mundane, and a collection of others showing off their unique design solutions.

Finn Juhl Couch shown on Reference Library.

Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are bringing the Julie/Julia Project to life.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Caught My Eye

American Furnishings mentioned on Brown Turtleneck Sweater and in(side) the loop.

Winifred Grace
Jewelry available right here in Atlanta at Belvedere! (via Daily Dose) Adding her jewelry to my wish list right now! If you click on the Belvedere link check out the other amazing jewelry collections available too. I love the delicate collection available by Kothari.

Wish I could attend the "Pop Goes the Revolution: French Cinema and May '68" mentioned on Retro To Go.

Bjork's Wanderlust music video directed by Encyclopedia Pictura (via BestWeekEVER and many others). BWE gives a rundown of the video. In the first few seconds of the video, I felt like I was watching an adaptation of the Where the Wild Things Are which is coming out on film in 2009 from Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers.

The release of issue 3 of the Inspiration eZine entitled "Nooks and Crannies: Inspiration for the Home" from Design for Mankind.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't read this if you are on a diet!

The women behind the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake were on the Martha Stewart show for cupcake week. I never grow tired of the cupcake phenomenon. I realize the cupcake love has peaked many times over. I think this picture explains the nostalgia for cupcakes in a nutshell. I can totally relate.

Of course for the sake of the waist I try to stay away from the shops specializing in cupcakes, but I do know they exist around town and I have given in to the temptation at times. For instance- if you are ever near Aurora coffee shop in Atlanta stop in for a SugarMama cupcake experience and get a killer chocolate cupcake (which I believe has hints of nutmeg and espresso). It completely killed me! I still have many other cupcakes to taste around Atlanta so maybe I will have another weak moment down the road.

If you are in Atlanta here are some great cupcake options:
Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Bagel Palace Deli & Bakery (seriously cupcakes as big as your head!)
Belly General Store
Cupcake Dreams (available for special order)
Little Cake Bakery
Matty Cakes
Star Provisions
Sugar Mama's Cupcakery (available at Aurora coffee)
Sweet Pockets Cupcakes
West Egg Cafe

If you just want to look at some cupcakes:
Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcake Contest
Flickr Atlanta Cupcakes
Flickr Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes

Photo from another time I gave in- Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caught My Eye

ReadyMade offering a paperless magazine and online for free this month

Brooklyn Flea mention on Apartment Therapy and New York magazine

The Armory Show (March 28th-30th) ended today

Mention of Mid-20th Century homes and the photographers that documented these homes on The Year in Pictures.

The Adidas Story in Claymation

Starting your Etsy business guide available on Modish

Carla Bruni Sarkozy turning heads in Dior mentioned on All the Best and GlamChic. More coverage and photos available in the UK press (Telegraph).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Koolhaas Houselife

A documentary of everyday life in a prize winning home through the eyes of the housekeeper. The 10 year old home, Maison à Bordeaux, was designed for a man bound to a wheelchair by award winning architect Rem Koolhaas. The Film seems to explore what it is like care for an architects vision.

The owner requested a home that would "show no visible evidence of his disability." Here is an excerpt from the blog Stories About Houses explaining how this home was commissioned:

"A wealthy married couple with three children lived in a very old and beautiful house in Bordeaux in France. For many years this family was thinking about building a new home, planning how it could be and wondering who the architect would be. Suddenly, the husband had a car accident and almost lost his life. Now he needs a wheelchair. The old beautiful house and the medieval city of Bordeaux had now become a prison for him. The family started to think about their new house again but this time in a very different way."

More coverage on the Documentary here and here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"A girl with eclectic taste"

This is how the interviewer, Terry Gross, aptly surmised the musical sound of Zooey Deschanel. Terry's interview with Zooey about her collaboration with singer/songwriter M Ward, She and Him Volume One, was spotlighted on NPR's Fresh Air. Zooey's eclectic influences include jazz, country, and girl groups of the 50's & 60's. I highly recommend taking the time to hear Terry's interview (no one does it better) with Zooey about her work with M Ward.

After the interview listen to the available music clips. I especially love the crestfallen feeling the duo infuse on their cover of Smokey Robinson's "you really got a hold on me." This is the kind of album I would definitely want to see on the jukebox at my favorite bar or wind down to on a Sunday evening.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Found Objects: Fortune

My friend was lucky enough to discover a stack of Fortune magazines from the 1930's thru 1950's at an outdoor flea market we hit over the weekend. The cover shown above was in the pile which was a terrific bonus for my friend since she collects vintage typewriters. The cover art is amazing with the graphic art deco drawings. These covers will look wonderful on a wall as a collection.

Fortune was founded by TIME co-founder Henry Luce in February 1930, four months after the Wall Street crash of 1929 that marked the Great Depression. The articles are eerily familiar discussing a changing business climate and wondering where the economy was headed.

A few links about vintage Fortune Magazine:

Fortune in Thumbnails
Fortune: The Art of Covering Business
1930's Cover Art

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caught My Eye

This interview with Matte Stephens and his interview with Irving Harper

Inside a Black Apple
(Emily Martin) on Martha Stewart

Entertaining Idea--Screen on the Green

She & Him at SXSW

Vintage furniture

Spring Brights

Vinyl never really will go out of style

Apparently Drew Barrymore's office has been featured in the April issue of Domino Magazine, but you knew that already.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

City of the Future

In January, The History Channel created a contest called City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge. "The theme of the contest is for participants to develop visions of their city 100 years from now. These visions are presented through a written statement, a 3-dimensional construct that was assembled within a 3-hour period during Phase I of the competition and accompanying visuals."

The architectural firm EDAW created a vision for Atlanta's growth over the next 100 years which made it a winner with the panel of judges. If you live in Atlanta then you are aware of the many obstacles currently facing the city including localized flooding problems, an ongoing overhaul of the entire sewage system, a traffic crunch, inefficient transit system and a drought. This makes EDAW design concept an utmost hopeful vision and worth a look.

Other design teams won competitions in San Francisco and Washington. Online voters on the History Channel Web site will decide which of the three plans is the nation's best. The voting ends April 28, and the winner will be announced May 5 on the "Cities of the Underworld" show.

Oh and Richard Meier offers his take on the three finalists too!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Picture via Robert Loerezel on Flickr

Went to the Earl last night to see Charles Walker and the Dynamites perform. I was pleasantly surprised to see the band Cordero as the opening act. I enjoyed the music and loved the dress (above) worn by the front woman Ani Cordero. The dress had the ruffle of a Flamenco dancers dress, but the length and structure of the skirt reminded me of the 80's (take on the 50's) revival going on right now with the ballooning (some call it bubble) of the fabric at the hem. Even more interesting was the pop art fabric used. The design on the fabric reminded me of Roy Lichtenstein with the look of the backgrounds in old comic books like Dick Tracy. I just loved her look and the band. It was refreshingly fun and reminded me of how much I enjoy female led bands. They often have the best contrast of soft and strong.

Speaking of female leads, Ani made a dedication with the song Matadora to Cristna Sanchez, the female bullfighter (Torero) that retired in 1999 due to male prejudice against women. It seems male bullfighters refused to fight on the same bill (the lyrics are available on the bands website). The music was thoroughly enjoyable and there were couples in the audience dancing forms of the salsa.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Community Trumps Developer

Amazing News--The Buckhead library will not be torn down to build a parking lot. It seems the two commissioners previously skipping to demolish the unique structure in exchange for 24 million dollars from the developers received opposition from their constituents unwilling to sell out.

An article in the local paper, a few days ago, touched on the greater issue surrounding razing the Buckhead library which essentially queried “When do a city's civic values trump its commercial interests?” The author pointed to the need to not lose the unique structures and ambiance available in this city in the name of "progress." I am pleased to learn that I am not alone in the need to save some of the authentic "texture" still standing in a city rushing to throw up the latest prefab mixed use development.

Thankfully in this situation the civic value won out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Love songs befitting today reminding me of loved ones I lost too soon and others I am still lucky enough to have around. Wishing you a day to appreciate the loved ones in your life ---may that be family, friends, children, a spouse or a partner. Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 11, 2008

Atlanta, where every day is opening day

Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects (photo via firm's website)

"Atlanta, where everyday is an opening day"
is a marketing theme meant to parlay the message that this city is dedicated to "Optimism, Opportunity, and Openness. " What the motto fails to explain is that these three O's actually describe the developers in this city not the dwellers.

It is a long story how Atlanta became a developers playground, but now they are going too far with their plans. The developers aspire to model a part of town called Buckhead after Rodeo Drive which they tout as "the streets of Buckhead." This was bad enough, but now they are bent on making sure the building pictured above comes tumbling down since it sits on a prime piece of real estate for the Rodeo Drive they have envisioned.

They are currently offering the city/county 24 million dollars (upping the ante from their previous offer of 18 million) to allow them to raze this unique piece of architecture which has won accolades outside the city. This makes me wonder is it really the modern building which WILL outshine their lackluster, unimaginative buildings of sameness that bother them? Or is it what the building actually holds, a library. A place not about turning a profit, but focused on welcoming people from all walks of life no matter their age or social status. It is a community center that meets the needs of everyone not just the wealthy.

The developers reasons for razing this unique piece of architecture seems to be about turning a profit, disdain for unique architecture, and possibly a thinly veiled way to make sure the library community moves out (or underground, "two floors above a parking garage") to make room for the pocketbooks ready to spend their cash on a pseudo Rodeo Drive. Take a nice long, look at what Atlanta had to offer because if you stick around long enough there will be another opening day around the corner, but now hopefully know what another opening day in Atlanta really means.

If you would like to voice an objection to razing the Buckhead library to build a parking lot:

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System

Contact Information for the Fulton county commissioners