Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caught My Eye

ReadyMade offering a paperless magazine and online for free this month

Brooklyn Flea mention on Apartment Therapy and New York magazine

The Armory Show (March 28th-30th) ended today

Mention of Mid-20th Century homes and the photographers that documented these homes on The Year in Pictures.

The Adidas Story in Claymation

Starting your Etsy business guide available on Modish

Carla Bruni Sarkozy turning heads in Dior mentioned on All the Best and GlamChic. More coverage and photos available in the UK press (Telegraph).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Koolhaas Houselife

A documentary of everyday life in a prize winning home through the eyes of the housekeeper. The 10 year old home, Maison à Bordeaux, was designed for a man bound to a wheelchair by award winning architect Rem Koolhaas. The Film seems to explore what it is like care for an architects vision.

The owner requested a home that would "show no visible evidence of his disability." Here is an excerpt from the blog Stories About Houses explaining how this home was commissioned:

"A wealthy married couple with three children lived in a very old and beautiful house in Bordeaux in France. For many years this family was thinking about building a new home, planning how it could be and wondering who the architect would be. Suddenly, the husband had a car accident and almost lost his life. Now he needs a wheelchair. The old beautiful house and the medieval city of Bordeaux had now become a prison for him. The family started to think about their new house again but this time in a very different way."

More coverage on the Documentary here and here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"A girl with eclectic taste"

This is how the interviewer, Terry Gross, aptly surmised the musical sound of Zooey Deschanel. Terry's interview with Zooey about her collaboration with singer/songwriter M Ward, She and Him Volume One, was spotlighted on NPR's Fresh Air. Zooey's eclectic influences include jazz, country, and girl groups of the 50's & 60's. I highly recommend taking the time to hear Terry's interview (no one does it better) with Zooey about her work with M Ward.

After the interview listen to the available music clips. I especially love the crestfallen feeling the duo infuse on their cover of Smokey Robinson's "you really got a hold on me." This is the kind of album I would definitely want to see on the jukebox at my favorite bar or wind down to on a Sunday evening.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Found Objects: Fortune

My friend was lucky enough to discover a stack of Fortune magazines from the 1930's thru 1950's at an outdoor flea market we hit over the weekend. The cover shown above was in the pile which was a terrific bonus for my friend since she collects vintage typewriters. The cover art is amazing with the graphic art deco drawings. These covers will look wonderful on a wall as a collection.

Fortune was founded by TIME co-founder Henry Luce in February 1930, four months after the Wall Street crash of 1929 that marked the Great Depression. The articles are eerily familiar discussing a changing business climate and wondering where the economy was headed.

A few links about vintage Fortune Magazine:

Fortune in Thumbnails
Fortune: The Art of Covering Business
1930's Cover Art

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caught My Eye

This interview with Matte Stephens and his interview with Irving Harper

Inside a Black Apple
(Emily Martin) on Martha Stewart

Entertaining Idea--Screen on the Green

She & Him at SXSW

Vintage furniture

Spring Brights

Vinyl never really will go out of style

Apparently Drew Barrymore's office has been featured in the April issue of Domino Magazine, but you knew that already.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

City of the Future

In January, The History Channel created a contest called City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge. "The theme of the contest is for participants to develop visions of their city 100 years from now. These visions are presented through a written statement, a 3-dimensional construct that was assembled within a 3-hour period during Phase I of the competition and accompanying visuals."

The architectural firm EDAW created a vision for Atlanta's growth over the next 100 years which made it a winner with the panel of judges. If you live in Atlanta then you are aware of the many obstacles currently facing the city including localized flooding problems, an ongoing overhaul of the entire sewage system, a traffic crunch, inefficient transit system and a drought. This makes EDAW design concept an utmost hopeful vision and worth a look.

Other design teams won competitions in San Francisco and Washington. Online voters on the History Channel Web site will decide which of the three plans is the nation's best. The voting ends April 28, and the winner will be announced May 5 on the "Cities of the Underworld" show.

Oh and Richard Meier offers his take on the three finalists too!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Picture via Robert Loerezel on Flickr

Went to the Earl last night to see Charles Walker and the Dynamites perform. I was pleasantly surprised to see the band Cordero as the opening act. I enjoyed the music and loved the dress (above) worn by the front woman Ani Cordero. The dress had the ruffle of a Flamenco dancers dress, but the length and structure of the skirt reminded me of the 80's (take on the 50's) revival going on right now with the ballooning (some call it bubble) of the fabric at the hem. Even more interesting was the pop art fabric used. The design on the fabric reminded me of Roy Lichtenstein with the look of the backgrounds in old comic books like Dick Tracy. I just loved her look and the band. It was refreshingly fun and reminded me of how much I enjoy female led bands. They often have the best contrast of soft and strong.

Speaking of female leads, Ani made a dedication with the song Matadora to Cristna Sanchez, the female bullfighter (Torero) that retired in 1999 due to male prejudice against women. It seems male bullfighters refused to fight on the same bill (the lyrics are available on the bands website). The music was thoroughly enjoyable and there were couples in the audience dancing forms of the salsa.