Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No one said this would be easy

Gross Guest Bathroom Floor (Requires Smell-O-Vision)

The last time I visited this place was April 2nd. Still not getting any better at updating which may have to do with actual updates in real life. You see home improvements don't happen on their own and I have become a bit of a weekend warrior trying to pack in as many projects as possible. I don't mean to brag, but I have gotten pretty good with a power drill. Since April 2nd, I have been busy mowing the lawn weekly (a very new, but healthy additive to my life). I also learned about removing 50+ year old bushes from around my home. Luckily, my neighbor recently taught me the proper way to pickax at stumps. She even joined in on the ritual which I am highly thankful for such a kind neighbor. The calluses on my hands are still healing. I am also thankful for the gentleman I hired to remove the 50+ year old stumps with his very impressive machine. If you need a certified stump remover I've got the guy. I will gladly share his info with you.

I have plans for this yard, but it is a multi-year plan. I always feel good when I read The Brick House updates on improving the exterior of an old home. I feel some solidarity with this couple as I can understand everything described from laments to victories. I however don't think I can take on painting the exterior on my home. I am currently visiting all my possible options which may also have to happen on a multi-year plan. Only time will tell. I did get some mulch recently and I am hoping to at least cover up the massive holes left by the stumps and give the yard some semblance of trying.

On the inside, things are progressing. I have someone working on removing the smelly guest bathroom floor (don't ask it is gross). I recently painted one of the guest rooms which was inspired by a room designed by Christiane Lemieux. I hope to be able to update on this soon. I am hunting down the look for less at this very moment. In the last few weeks I have hung blinds so I no longer live in a fishbowl. I am now working to remove all the wallpaper from my kitchen and guest bathroom. I will need to secure someone to fix said walls and then I will be ready to paint them and possibly hang some curtains. It feels good to write this down and possibly hold myself too it. Hopefully more updates soon. I have lots to share.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ranch House

I said I was going to write about updating my ranch home in 2010. It is April and I have not made any entries. I need to rectify this situation. Work is happening. Change may be coming at a slower pace then I expected. I am learning the same hard lesson the rest of the country is learning "change does not come easy." It seems this house updating has created a bit of a recession in my bank account, but I digress. I will say that those broken down windows you see in this picture are no longer there. I now have airtight, double hung windows that will keep the outdoor elements where they belong outside. Since the 180 day winter (that NEVER happens here) is over it is time to start thinking about cleaning up the outside. Not sure where this journey will take me or at what rate this will be accomplished, but I am ready for the next battle. I am thinking Palm Springs Modern for my inspiration. Let the summer commence.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broken Bells- Vaporize

Broken Bells: James Mercer (the Shins) & Danger Mouse collaboration. I love the sound of a Hammond Organ. The Album officially out March 2010.

Portland or "I want to go to there"

I have this town on the brain lately. The Frugal Traveler's coverage of the food cart scene might have something to do with it. I think I have some research and maybe a ticket to book in the near future.

A few places to get me started with my research (in random order):

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Design*Sponge Portland, Oregon City Guide

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NYTIMES: Saved By Design in Portland

Old China Town

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