Monday, May 26, 2008

Caught My Eye

Felt Pebbles-- I am happy to know I am not the only one feeling this way. (via Reclaiming Miss Havisham)

Slate's coverage on procrastination. I need to find some time to read this.

Wired's tribute to the air hostess.

Habitually Chic loving on Kansas City. It was my home once for a short time and I can relate to loving this city.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where did the posts go?

I got hooked on a blog and now it seems to have ceased or at least taken a vacation.

See back in January Decorno asked: What if the Satorialist only photographed himself?...And was a girl...this is what it would be like: Style Bytes.

I was hooked on this site from that moment. Style Bytes according to the bio is a 25 year old woman living in Oslo, Norway named Agathe. The daily photos of her outfits with a mix of H&M, thrift stores and designer jeans were what I think Lucky magazine tried to achieve with their cute outfit of the day. Although Agathe's outfits should never be described as cute. Her style choices seem influenced by a mix of the runway, magazine editorials, blogs and her own unique vision.

Agathe also seemed down to earth because the outfits were crafted on a budget. She did not hit all the big boutiques. She works as a secretary with style on an allowance and I could relate. Some days she hit the thrift stores on the way home from work and on Saturdays she had the weekly ritual of hitting the flea markets. She always shared all her great finds and usually spent her last dollar on the spoils. There were some style options that I don't think I would have accepted if I had not seen it on her such as fringe shirts, gladiator strap sandals with stockings, butterfly belt, patchwork skirt, and fringe boots. She just made it all work. Man do I want my own fringe boots now!!

She's just cool and knows how to showcase her style. It had become my daily thing to see how she mixed and matched her outfit. She made me want to step up my game and it was just fun to see someone else enjoying their own personal style and on a mere mortals salary.

So now the sad part. She seems to have stopped blogging. On April 24th, Agathe took off on a weekend trip for Stockholm and has not posted since. I keep hoping she will resume blogging. I had not realized how much I enjoyed these style updates until they were gone. It looks like I am not the only one that got hooked on her posts. DAMN I miss the style!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why didn't I think of that?

I have an obsession. It is weird, but I am drawn to this simple design. The one above is available at Miss Print and the one below is Ray and Charles Eames studio. I just love the way it looks. I can't explain it.

At one time I thought it might be interesting to paint this image on our dining room wall. I talked myself out of that idea. I thought my adult dining room could end up looking more like a dorm room or worse folk art (no offense). Kinda like when you see a celebrity dressed really badly on the red carpet, but then you think about being in their shoes for a moment and (for a split second) can see how they had that unfortunate moment with the stylist who said and made them actually believe "you look wonderful. You will turn heads" and they believed it. I then feel sorry for the celebrity cause you can tell that it only dawns on them on the red carpet how ridiculous they look and they have to grin and bare it!

I can Soooo relate not that I have ever been shopping with a stylist, but I have been sucked in by good music, air conditioning and elongating mirrors in a fitting room that I buy that ridiculous item at the store that is not quite the same when I put it back on in my stale bedroom without any music the next day--but I digress.

So as much as I LOVE this design I still have done nothing with it cause I don't want to be so literal.

~And a while back I came across this image and I was so mad (why didn't I think of this) cause in the early 90's (when everyone was doing it) my friends wanted to get tattoos together, but I just couldn't think of anything that meant that much to me or would stay with me long enough to brand on my body (did I mention I HATE needles--Last week while the nurse was drawing my blood I think she was afraid --for good reason-- she had a fainter on her hands). If I was going to get a tattoo I knew it would have to be some kind of a design (no ridiculous rosebuds), but I was so afraid I would really hate it down the road. Spending the rest of my life with a horrendous tattoo that would eventually fade and morph with age. A lovely thought.

Although now that I have been drawn to mid twentieth century design for so long it would not have been so bad if I had a 16 year old tattoo of this Eames design.

Oh well my catholic parents are probably happier I did not brand myself!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caught My Eye

I think I have vacations and summer entertaining on the brain...

Would love to visit Palm Springs during the annual modernism week and stay at the newly renovated modernist Rendezvous Motel. (via Retro to Go)

Want a set of of Marais AC chairs for my patio. I sat in one Friday night and have to say it was both handsome and comfortable. The chairs are available through a few shops including Conran Shop, Design Within Reach, and even Pottery Barn. Design Watcher has a great rundown on the Marais AC and other tolix chairs.

Also wanting this Weber Performer Grill with the propane tank and storage for charcoal.

Love homes comprised of finds from flea markets ( via A Cup of Jo and Cookie Magazine).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Caught My Eye

Circular sunglasses with tortoise shell frames from Christian Dior vintage (via Retro to Go)

Opening of Ninainvorm's Shop Announcement on Etsy as seen on SFgirlbybay. Love these dishes-- very Zeisel!

Also seen on SFgirlbybay was the Maker Faire. I wish I could have been there.

Heath Ceramics auction as seen on Design*Sponge. Next time I am out there I need to visit their Historic Sausalito factory for a tour.

Also seen on Design*Sponge this week was MissPrint. Love this design it is very similar to the Ray Eames design.

These amazing posters by Swiss graphic designer Donald Brun and this Sabena ad on Yummy Fresh Grain.

Excited to check out the new Portishead album with mentions on stereogum for their performance at Coachella and on NPR's All Things Considered discussion about the third album.

Profile on the first Female photographer for National Geographic, Annie Griffiths Belt on NPR's weekend edition talking about her new book: A Camera, Two Kids, and a Camel: My Journey in Photographs.