Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where did the posts go?

I got hooked on a blog and now it seems to have ceased or at least taken a vacation.

See back in January Decorno asked: What if the Satorialist only photographed himself?...And was a girl...this is what it would be like: Style Bytes.

I was hooked on this site from that moment. Style Bytes according to the bio is a 25 year old woman living in Oslo, Norway named Agathe. The daily photos of her outfits with a mix of H&M, thrift stores and designer jeans were what I think Lucky magazine tried to achieve with their cute outfit of the day. Although Agathe's outfits should never be described as cute. Her style choices seem influenced by a mix of the runway, magazine editorials, blogs and her own unique vision.

Agathe also seemed down to earth because the outfits were crafted on a budget. She did not hit all the big boutiques. She works as a secretary with style on an allowance and I could relate. Some days she hit the thrift stores on the way home from work and on Saturdays she had the weekly ritual of hitting the flea markets. She always shared all her great finds and usually spent her last dollar on the spoils. There were some style options that I don't think I would have accepted if I had not seen it on her such as fringe shirts, gladiator strap sandals with stockings, butterfly belt, patchwork skirt, and fringe boots. She just made it all work. Man do I want my own fringe boots now!!

She's just cool and knows how to showcase her style. It had become my daily thing to see how she mixed and matched her outfit. She made me want to step up my game and it was just fun to see someone else enjoying their own personal style and on a mere mortals salary.

So now the sad part. She seems to have stopped blogging. On April 24th, Agathe took off on a weekend trip for Stockholm and has not posted since. I keep hoping she will resume blogging. I had not realized how much I enjoyed these style updates until they were gone. It looks like I am not the only one that got hooked on her posts. DAMN I miss the style!

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Decorno said...

Wow. I didn't know she had gone missing.

I just posted this:

Hope she's ok.