Sunday, July 15, 2007

You never know when LOVE will strike

I love rummaging the antique market for something I never knew I had to have. I scan the market with my small bit of cash and the hope that I can strike up a deal. It is a risky proposition since I may find an amazing piece only to discover it is completely out of my price range. Even though I may get my heart broken I continue to search the markets for inspiration. I learn more from the knowledgeable dealers than I could ever get from a book.

My latest discovery is a 8 piece demitasse which includes a coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer, six cups and saucers. There are two extra saucers which means this set has lost two cups. The coffee pot has a slight chip in the spout. The dishes are stamped with Rosenthal, Studio Line, and Germany. The pot, sugar bowl, creamer and cups have glazed interiors with a matte exterior of etched flowers which remind me of Wedgwood. I was stopped in my tracks when I came upon this imperfect set. Since I made it home with my discovery I have begun my search to find out more about this beautiful set.

Although I have not been able to locate a photo of this exact set I do believe it was designed by Bjørn Wiinblad the Danish artist, designer, and painter. There are various examples of his work for Rosenthal's Studio Line collection. It seems that Jonathan Adler is a fan of Wiinblad too.