Friday, April 2, 2010

Ranch House

I said I was going to write about updating my ranch home in 2010. It is April and I have not made any entries. I need to rectify this situation. Work is happening. Change may be coming at a slower pace then I expected. I am learning the same hard lesson the rest of the country is learning "change does not come easy." It seems this house updating has created a bit of a recession in my bank account, but I digress. I will say that those broken down windows you see in this picture are no longer there. I now have airtight, double hung windows that will keep the outdoor elements where they belong outside. Since the 180 day winter (that NEVER happens here) is over it is time to start thinking about cleaning up the outside. Not sure where this journey will take me or at what rate this will be accomplished, but I am ready for the next battle. I am thinking Palm Springs Modern for my inspiration. Let the summer commence.