Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Inn at Serenbe front gate

A few weeks back I had some time to waste while a waited for the dealership to fix a known defect on my vehicle for a ridiculous amount of money. I am still bitter! So with time to waste (and some hostility toward an era in which warranties or quality no longer exist) I resorted to reading the "magazines" in the waiting room that were really just advertising and marketing supplements for local businesses. I was trapped so I flipped through the glossy when I came across a three page story (I mean advert) for the restaurant the hil on the Hill 30 minutes south of metro Atlanta with much of the ingredients coming from the community farm.

I had never heard of this restaurant or the 900 acre community called Serenbe nestled within a rather large green space called the Chattahoochee Hill Country which is owned by individuals working to promote a sustainable development within a vast preserve. The Serenbe community boasts about their homes built on the land without mass grading, a biological wastewater treatment system, vast green space, organic farm and restaurants supplied by the locally grown produce. I am intrigued to check out this community for myself.

Hopefully this place will live up to all the things it boasts and does not have a manufactured feeling. I signed up for their restaurants weekly menu updates and the offerings sound very tasty. I look forward to learning more.

The Farmhouse at Serenbe

Restaurants at Serenbe

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