Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Hills Cinematography

Songs about buildings and food painstakingly spliced together this montage of exterior shots that have become a staple of The Hills.

Say what you will about The Hills such as it is fake, contrived or just a waste of time. Taking all the derogative comments into account (which are true) I still enjoy checking out the sleek photography of Hisham Abed. He made the reality show look and feel more like a movie first with Laguna Beach and then with the Hills. In a New York Times article in May 2006 Abed explained that he used a color tone of red and orange to signify the romance within Laguna Beach, but changed to blue and silver to express the tension on the Hills. The scenes are set through the photography and editing without ever having to use a confessional interview to tell the story. In a nutshell the show is just a pretty postcard albeit lacking any reality. The fourth season starts Monday August 18th.

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