Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loved her look

Photos from the Associated Press (taken on October 6, 1996)

Summer's in the south are pretty unbearable. When you actually make it to August you just start to wondering how many more days until October and the fall? I have hit my wall and I am ready to wear fall clothing and to start seeing the leaves changing.

I love a fall wardrobe since the crisp air allows dressing without having to take into account the terrible heat and sweating. It makes me think of the wonderfully simple and classic clothing that Caroline Bessette-Kennedy was always photographed wearing when she entered the national stage as the wife of John F. Kennedy, Jr. I am sure she learned a thing or two about classic minimalism as a publicist at Calvin Klein. Some of her ensembles also seemed to take some notes from her departed mother-in-law Jacqueline Kennedy. She was striking with that Bergdorf blonde hair and fire red lipstick. It would have been nice to see her today and see how the look would have grown, but she is no longer here and we find other stylish women to watch. I still loved watching the style and fashion of Caroline and still covet these simple fashion choices.

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