Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When I heard the single "mercy" last year I found it to be a bit overproduced and didn't give it much of a second thought. Until I heard some interviews with Duffy last week on a couple of NPR shows. I was really taken by her smart personality. She was engaging and easily spoke off the cuff with the interviewer. I actually enjoyed her in studio "Mercy" performance on WFUV stripped down with a soul clap. I do wish the single sounded more like this and they kept the original video with the Northern Soul dancing (UK version). Duffy developed the songs with different collaborators including Bernard Butler, Jimmy Hogarth, and Steve Booker. I think Warwick Avenue is my favorite off the album.

I liked some of Duffy's mentions during the interview including UnChained Melody (Righteous Brothers produced by Phil Spector); Scott Walker, Classics and collectibles; Joy Division; and the Detroit Cobras (the band she would love to tour with cause "they're crazy"). She even knew the recipe to her favorite dish, Moules Mariniere, which I have to agree is one of my favorites too with red or white sauce.

The WFUV interviewer allowed Duffy to play DJ and pick the song to go out on and she picked Clarence Carter's Slip Away unfortunately they didn't play the full song just of a couple verses. I have to say I was impressed with both of her interviews and will have to give her a second listen.

**Oh and if the Detroit Cobras come to your town go see them.

Interviews with Duffy:
Duffy makes the classic sound special again on WFUV with Rita Houston
Duffy on the World Cafe with David Dye

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