Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Marais AC Chair

Xavier Pauchard's Marais AC Chair is both handsome and comfortable. I had the pleasure of sitting in this chair at a local restaurant a month ago. I always assumed that the chair could not possibly be comfortable, but it was so nice and I don't recall ever feeling my ass go numb (a definite PLUS!). I would love to have a group of these chairs on my patio, but the price per chair is nothing to cough at in this economy so I don't expect to get one or more anytime soon. Unless a vintage one shows up at the local antique market for a steal.

As for the meal I had it was amazing! Hands down the best meal I have consumed in a long time. The chef, mixologist, and staff have an amazing love and knowledge for food, spirits, wine, conversation (our waiter had great advice and stories), and obviously design. You may want to know the name of this wonderful place, but I have been asked not to repeat the name of the restaurant by my dinner partner. It is greedy, but the place is just too good and we don't want to be denied another terrific meal so we are doing our part to keep this wonderful place on the down low.

See the problem is that new restaurant's in Atlanta tend to become unbearable when a buzz gets going and the word "hip" gets attached. Of course those people searching for hip will probably continue to try to get into the latest hotel bar and restaurant that seems to be the trend in this town. Which is fine by me as long as we can enjoy another lovely meal without the "hip" quotient.

**For more information on the Marais AC and other Tolix Furniture DESIGNwatcher has a great profile.

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