Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Custom Handbag

I recently came across the website called Freddy & Ma where you can create a custom handbag. The site allows you choose the style of the bag, fabric (~375 fabrics), leather accent color, and the hardware. Have fun playing purse designer. The prices are a bit high, but you are getting a somewhat custom bag that you had a hand in designing.

My favorite bags are the ones for evening (Hazel, Tessa Envelope, and Jiovanna). I only wish they offered a hobo style bag in there everyday options. I would also like to see the interior of these bags to see what pockets and fabric options are available. The site does have customer service assistance for building the perfect bag so I am sure these questions could be easily answered.

If you want a deal on a bag there are some bags available in the sale section of the site. It is a neat idea and I plan to keep my eye on this site as options expand. Freddy & Ma also offers customized home accessories such as pillows and plates.

More Information:
An interview with the Brother and Sister team behind Freddy & Ma
Also check out Freddy & Ma's blog to see all the places where they have been spotlighted. I wonder how I missed this until now?

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