Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't read this if you are on a diet!

The women behind the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake were on the Martha Stewart show for cupcake week. I never grow tired of the cupcake phenomenon. I realize the cupcake love has peaked many times over. I think this picture explains the nostalgia for cupcakes in a nutshell. I can totally relate.

Of course for the sake of the waist I try to stay away from the shops specializing in cupcakes, but I do know they exist around town and I have given in to the temptation at times. For instance- if you are ever near Aurora coffee shop in Atlanta stop in for a SugarMama cupcake experience and get a killer chocolate cupcake (which I believe has hints of nutmeg and espresso). It completely killed me! I still have many other cupcakes to taste around Atlanta so maybe I will have another weak moment down the road.

If you are in Atlanta here are some great cupcake options:
Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Bagel Palace Deli & Bakery (seriously cupcakes as big as your head!)
Belly General Store
Cupcake Dreams (available for special order)
Little Cake Bakery
Matty Cakes
Star Provisions
Sugar Mama's Cupcakery (available at Aurora coffee)
Sweet Pockets Cupcakes
West Egg Cafe

If you just want to look at some cupcakes:
Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcake Contest
Flickr Atlanta Cupcakes
Flickr Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes

Photo from another time I gave in- Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank

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