Sunday, April 22, 2007

One's trash is anothers treasure

I have heard the stories from many about how they found this amazing vintage piece that would go for thousands on Ebay thrown on the side of the road. I have also heard about those lucky ones hitting a thrift store just as some choice pieces of Franciscan Starburst dishes were put out on the floor. These stories have always kept me going hoping one day such luck might happen upon me. Sadly I have never had such luck.

Although I have experienced this a few times with my significant other. He is an avid record collector and he has happened upon a mint 45 here and there that were considered to be the Lochness Monster of the vinly world (often talked about with great glee, but no one with real personal contact with the actual rarity).

This past week he made another great find. On our way back from the grocery store he spotted the iconic DCM chair tossed into a heap of household remnants. As we passed the pile he yelled to "stop the car" and "back up." He jumped out of the car and rescued the DCM from the trash with a huge smile of victory. It has a small imperfection that will need to be fixed where the shock mount has become dislodged, but this we can hopefully repair easily.

The chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames after they experimented with molded plywood to make leg splints for the United States Navy during World War II. The couple’s innovations with plywood led them to develop the DCM chair designed to fit the natural shape of the human body seated. The Herman Miller Company has been producing the chair since 1946 with natural, face veneers and polished chrome-plated 4-leg base. It is an icon of the Eames collaboration and a happy addition to our home. One person’s trash is our fantastic treasure.

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