Monday, January 7, 2008

Charley Harper

"Birdie" work by Charley Harper

I love the catalog of drawings available in the publication Charley Harper: An Illustrated life. His images are simple, colorful, and amazingly beautiful. Todd Oldham explains the attraction to Harper's work. Many have expounded on the beauty of this book much better than I ever could so here are some entries about the man, his work and the book (A write-up in Cincinnati paper after his death, wikipedia, and this Harper tribute are just a few words on an amazing man and his work).

I saw this table runner and it got me thinking there must be a line of fabric. Silly question I thought, but a couple of quick searches did not unearth a treasure trove of fabrics. These images would look amazing on curtains, blankets or stretched over a large canvas. The closest I came to a harper fabric was found in this DIY project here.

I will have to get that table runner, but I would love the option to see his works translated to fabric. It would make me smile wide to have his work decorating my home. I will have to save up for this splurge.

Thanks Charley for leaving us such amazing illustrations!

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