Monday, February 12, 2007

Cork, Cork Everywhere!!

When you mention the word "cork" a wine stopper may be the first thing that springs to mind. There are many other wonderful uses for cork including lamps, lampshades, bowls, floors, and paper to name a few.

Years ago I walked into, Belvedere, a local designer shop of twentieth century furniture with a twist. The owner and designer, Julia Carr-Bayler, has an innate ability to apply new elements to her finds that enhance the items. Carr-Bayler's exhibited her design eye with a pair of teak lamps beautifully accented by cork shades. These breathtaking shades were thinly shaved slices of cork that elegantly displayed the grain of the wood. It turned out the shades were out of my price range, but I have since been captivated by the use of cork as a design element. Next time you are looking to incoporate something different into your decorating think cork.

(Cork circle table lamp shown above is from the Murray Feiss Geo Collection)

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